Why Yoruba Nation Is Experiencing Numerous Problem – Traditionalist


As traditionalists in the Yoruba Nation look forward to celebrating the Isese Day on August 20 which can be translate to (Ojo Ogun ninu Osun Ogun in Yoruba) which is belief that,that was the day the deity “Ogun” led the deities to the world.

The President of the Traditional Religion Worshippers Association in Osun state, Dr. Oluseyi Atanda said that the reason for many problems happening in Yoruba Nations nowadays is because Yoruba people has lost their religion.

In an interview with Dr. Atanda on Rave FM Osogbo on Thursday, he said the reason for the bad attitudes among Yoruba people is because they have neglect their religion which can also be described as culture stating that in the early days it wasn’t so.

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“Today Majority of the problems we have that we have lost our Ethos, we have lost our values, we have lost morals, the Omoluabi concept is no longer there for the Yoruba man is because we have forgotten where we have come from, when Yoruba were Yorubas we had heritage, we had dignity, we had pride, Yorubas were not lazy Yorubas were not thieves, we were not corrupt.

“There are things we don’t celebrate in Yoruba Land, we don’t celebrate thief, We don’t celebrate corruption but what do we do today? Because we have loss it and when you loss your religion you loss your culture.”

Dr Atanda went further to describing Isese as “the celebration of our existence, in other words if we look at it from other perspective, we could say is like the Trinity, the celebration of the existence of man, celebration of the existence of God in our lives, then recognition of a deity in your life.”

He however stated that ” Isese day is being celebrated all over the world, is going to be done in Brazil, is going to be done in US, the Europe, even some other part of West Africa, is done In Benin Republic, Togo, Cote d’ivoire every where you find Yoruba or Isese Practictioner, everybody celebrate Isese Festival on the 20th of August of Every year.”

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