Struggle For Democracy


The 1966 Coup against Ironsi
The 1975 Coup Against Gowon
The 1983 Coup Against Shagari
The 1985 Coup Against Buhari
The 1993 Coup Against Shonekan

One man participated in all the successful coup plots in Nigeria until he became president, he died this month in 1998 his name was General Sani Abacha.

You might know his name mostly from the never-ending “Abacha Loot” that Nigeria keeps retrieving from foreign countries.

Describing who this man was while alive, his good, his
bad, and the ugly side.

Abacha was a professional soldier and a damn good one at that he was a man of few words and when it comes to security, survival and killing his enemies (real & perceived), he was the very best.

The list of obituaries he was responsible for was very long

Abacha maintained a death squad in Aso Rock to eliminate all real and perceived threats to his dictatorship.

The Death Squad was called Strike Force it was led by his Chief Security Officer Hamza Al- Mustapha

The Ultimate Boogey Man of the Abacha’s regime.

The Strike Force team was made up of 75 people recruited from mostly the Police and the military.

They were mostly trained by the Israeli ‘Mossad’, Gaddafi’s Security in Libya, and in North Korea.

Their job was simple, kill Abacha’s enemies.

The most famous Strike Force member was Barnabas Jabila Mshelia, code named Sergeant Rogers.

This Death Squad was required because local and foreign elements allegedly wanted Abacha dead and fast.

The Abacha regime foiled 8 coup attempts in 5 years.

Rogers and the strike force neutralised a lot of ‘threats’.

Rogers confessed to having gone on three assassination operations on the orders of Hamza Al Mustapha to kill Alex Ibru on Feb 2 1996, Kudirat Abiola on Jun 4 1996, Abraham Adesanya on Jan 14 1997,

He shot Alex Ibru in the eye, killed Kudirat in Traffic, Pa Adesanya survived.

Rogers also allegedly killed Pa Alfred Rewane, tortured a classmate’s Dad, Abacha’s 2IC, and Chief of General Staff Oladipo Diya.

He burnt the house of Lt. Gen. Alani Akinrinade and Air Commodore Dan Suleiman, Rogers always owned up to what he did as he never lacked courage!

The hit on Alex Ibru was done on Falomo Bridge in Ikoyi, Lagos. He was shot in the eye by Rogers and lost 2 fingers, he was flown abroad his eye was replaced, and he lived another 15 years.

But why was Alex Ibru marked for death? Alex Ibru started Guardian Newspaper in 1983 based on an idea brought to him by Chief Olusegun Osoba, a journalist at the time and later Governor of Ogun state for 10 years.

The Ibrus were wealthy Think Dangote without govt patronage expansion into Media was inevitable.

By 1993, Abacha sent Gen Chris Alli, Gen Olanrewaju, to convince Alex to join Abacha’s govt as Minister of Internal Affairs Alex refused their offer.

Later He sent Chief Ebenezer Babatope, who explained that Abacha wanted notable Southerners in his government to ensure balance.

Alex Ibru accepted while he worked for Abacha, his newspaper was highly critical of the Govt and on 14 Aug 1994, Abacha shut them down.

While Alex was minister and in the Provisional Ruling Council (PRC), his portfolio included customs, immigration and Prisons

A fellow Deltan Great Ogboru, who organised the failed Orkar coup in 1990 that almost killed IBB in Dodan barracks in Lagos & escaped to London via Seme boarder with the help of his Brother Turner Ogboru.

Turner was in prison, and Alex negotiated his release with the PRC.
when Al Mustapha heard about Abacha’s approval for Turner to be released, he convinced The C-in-C not to release him, even though Femi Falana had got a higmeh court order to free him.

Abacha instructed Alex to keep Turner, but he had been released Abacha was mad! Abacha told Alex that what he did was Treason.

That was how Alex and Abacha’s Minister of Justice and AG, Olu Onagoruwa, who signed the release, were marked for Death.

On 18 Dec 1996, Onagoruwa’s Son Toyin was assassinated Kudirat Abiola, MKO Abiola’s 2nd wife. She had 7 of MKO Abiola’s alleged 113 kids Hasfat, Jamiu Abdul, Moriam Khalifa, Lekan, Hadi.

Sgt Rogers & 5 others killed her on June 4, 1996, in her White Mercedes Benz by a gunshot to the forehead Oregun Road was renamed Kudirat Abiola Way

Kudirat Abiola was a woman with more balls than most men, she stayed and fought Abacha when most men fled Nigeria.

In 1994, she moved oil workers to start a 12-week strike, oil revenues dwindled.

In Dec 1995, she faced bullets during the March for Freedom event in Lagos.

She was killed using an F-90 submachine gun, Belgian Specification.

Sgt Rogers’ weapon of choice fires 900 rounds per minute it is easily concealed and specifically made for special forces, covert, and counterterrorism operations, Kudirat didn’t stand a chance.

Kudirat Abiola had survived two assassination attempts by the same Strike Force. The 3rd and final attempt was code named “Operation Cika Aiki” which literally translates to ‘Finish The Job’ in Hausa.

He was a real thorn in the flesh of the Abacha regime Rest in Peace to a Great Heroine

Pa Abraham Adesanya murder Attempts are never funny, but Pa Adesanya made light of Sgt Rogers’ attempt to kill him.

Even Rogers was perplexed how this man didn’t die he told everyone that he was Ijebu and left it at that. Basically saying, If you know, you know

Rogers confirmed he & his colleague Aminu Muhammed fired over 40 bullets at Pa Adesanya’s Mercedes Benz (Plate No: Ogun AE 3775 GB) at Total Petrol Station (Then Elf) near Sura Market on Lagos Island, Pa Adesanya and his driver didn’t get a scratch.

Why did Abacha want to Kill Pa Abraham Adesanya? June 12 was the election, Its subsequent annulment and advocacy for restoration of democracy and Abiola’s mandate was why many pro-democracy movements like NADECO decided to fight Abacha.

Pa Adesanya was at the forefront!
Others who were killed and almost killed by Abacha include

Shehu Musa Yar’Adua (former president elder Brother and Prominent Kaduna Mafia Member) – Fatal injection in Abakaliki prison.

Dr. Shola Omoshola and his cousin Nelson Kazeem – Bomb blast along Airport Road Lagos.

Chief Alfred Ogbeyiwa Rewane – nationalist, philanthropist & NADECO chieftain murdered in Lagos on 6th October, 1995

Simeon Akpata, Teni, and Niniola’s Dad Alhaja Suliat Adedeji – A business tycoon was killed at her residence in Ibadan on the 14 Nov 1996.

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Mr Femi Oyewo, Medical Director, Pfizer Plc., Lagos, was murdered on the 25th of December, 1995

Chief (Mrs) Bisoye Tejuoso; the Iyalode of Egbaland and mother of a prominent Egba traditional ruler was murdered in Abeokuta on 19th September, 1996.

Many People were killed, sent to prison, tortured, dehumanised, and so on. Where do we stop? The atrocities are fatal & excessive.

This is just a small fraction! Abacha’s brutality was EPIC and LEGENDARY but it is unforgettable.

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