Protesters Pull Down National Assembly Gate in Abuja As Protesters In Osun, Oyo call for Attention To Their Demands


Thousands of Nigerians troupe out in different cities to protest hardships being felt sequel to sudden removal of fuel subsidy and other tough economic measures introduced by the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu administrator on assumption of office about two months ago.

The price of petrol had jumped up to about 300% while the rate of naira to a dollar keep rising as a result of streamlining of the dual market source for sourcing of foreign exchange.

The policies have, expectedly necessitated harsh economic situation on the masses, forcing hyper increase in the cost of goods and services and ultimately making life uncomfortable for the people.

In Osun State, The Nigeria Labour Congress, electricity workers and Osun Civil Societies Coalition while holding their protest over economic hardship caused by the removal of fuel subsidy demanded an abolition of all anti-masses policies by the federal government, decrease in Petroleum price hikes, stop to the commercialisation of education and many more.

According to the Osun protesters, ““We are out today to demand the abolition of all anti-masses policies by the federal government. We are saying enough to incessant Petroleum price hikes.
We are are saying enough to insecurity that is ravaging the nooks and cranny of our land.

” We are saying enough to corruption. We are saying enough to the commercialisation of education. Nigerian masses are saying enough to incessant abuse of power.

“We are saying enough to poor workers’ wages, the payment that can not take workers home. Workers are demanding the immediate stoppage of all atrocious policies that are capable of incapacitating our people, who are capable of incapacitating Nigerian workers for giving their children quality education. We are saying Enough is Enough.

“Politics in Nigeria should be demonietised. We are saying enough is enough to all the policies that bring sufferings to the lives of our people. We are saying enough to all the policies that are capable of dividing Nigerians into different factions.

“We are here today to communicate to the Nigerian government that the masses are suffering. We are saying enough to protracted the holding of ASUU members’ salaries. We are saying enough to all policies that are unfriendly to the masses.”

In Abuja, A.O.B Media gathered that angry protesters have pulled down the gate of the National Assembly complex in Abuja while protesting.

The protesters led by the leaders of the Organised Labour, Joe Ajaero of the Nigeria Labour Congress and Festus Osifo of the Trade Union Congress asked security operatives stationed at the legislative building to open the gate to allow the angry workers to express their displeasure.

The refusal of the security officials to opening the gate led to the pulling down of the gate by the angry protesters and they thronged into the assembly complex to vent their anger.

Protest in Oyo state came as a surprise to the government officials as report showed that the Oyo state governor, Seyi Makinde has a robust relationship with the labour in Oyo state.

The Oyo State Council of the Trade Union Congress( TUC), through it’s Chairperson, Comrade Bosun Olabiyi attested to having a robust relationship with the Oyo governor stating that when there are issues it has to be discuss and sort out.

” We agree to that and we still agree to the fact that he is still having robust relationship with us but when there are issues, issues has to be discuss and to be sort out”

Comrade Olabiyi, while stating their demands on Rave FM Osogbo on Wednesday said that pensioners’ salaries should be paid, there should be remission of deducted fees to the appropriate quarters, promotion of 2001, 2002, workers and others.

He said that they have tried all mechanism to speaking and getting reached to the governor but all yielded no fruit as the government continued to abuse the rule of engagement.

“The demands are very clear and we have sent it to him number one is that we have six months deduction from salaries that are yet to be paid to workers, deduction that suppose to go to housing, savings, Ileya savings, various deductions.

“And those money that has been deducted they have not be remitted to the various quarters where they are suppose to go to that is an issue.

“Pensioners their salaries in the State is terrible, all of them are collecting as low as three hundred and fifty naira per month.

“Also, promotion of 2001, 2002 have not been release to workers who have worked and are expected to be promoted all those ones are locked up and it has not been released to them.

“Some even got their promotion letter and those promotion letter were withdrawn from them, have never seen something like that before.

” All these we have renumerated them and we have sent it to him ( Oyo Governor) and we have sent him series of letters over the time and none of them is getting the right attention no replies, no communication.
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“And it has been in the news that we have been meeting with the Governor, I want to categorically says that those meetings are not proper meeting, they don’t follow the proper rules of engagement, meetings without agenda, meetings without minute of the meeting, meetings without agenda, meetings without resolution, none of those were happening so it is just visitations that is what we are calling.”

Also, Oyo Governor reacting to the statements of the Oyo TUC union through its special adviser on labour, Barrister Bayo Titilola said that they have paid four months out of the six months deductions they are owing them.

He further stated that there is no any pensioners earning three hundred and fifty naira in Oyo state stating that pensions are paid according to the grade level and numbers of years the pensioners have worked.

“We are surprised because we got a great harmonious relationship for over four years.

” We were owing them six months deductions and we paid four out of six last week, when we are talking of pensions your pension as a public servant is calculated based on your grade level and the numbers of years you have worked.

” But I can assure you that there is no pensioner earning three hundred and fifty naira in Oyo state, we have people earning like three thousand and such people they have worked in two places.” Said Barrister Titilola

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