Politicians, Religious Bodies, Other Contributed To Poor Education In Osun – Dr Atanda


The President of the Traditional Religion Worshippers Association in Osun state, Dr. Oluseyi Atanda has blamed Politicians, Schools and Religious bodies for playing the major roles for the poor state of education in Osun stating politicians sponsors thugs more than students that are educated.

He flashed back to when politicians are giving thugs enormous money to destroy their opponent Parties’ postals stating how will children be encourage to go to schools when they see that thugs are earning much.

Atanda while giving his discussion at the Osun 2023 Education Summit on Thursday asked that those children going to schools how much are the Politicians giving them?

He also blamed schools for keeping children for long hours in in their custody, adding that sport activities should be included as part of school activities “this will give the children the opportunity to refresh their brains.”

While throwing blames to religious bodies for always preaching about material things Atanda said that will not encourage children to go to school all they will be thinking about is how they will make money.

“When we are going to schools we close by two but now children close in the evening, they will be given enormous assignment they will will do that till eight, nine before going to bed they will wake up the next day going to school.

“No sports activities in Schools nowadays, many politicians has shared among themselves the land that children ought to be using for sport activities, We need to change our system,

“All religious we are preaching about wealth we are not preaching about tolerance, by this time tomorrow someone will buy Benz how do you expect children to be encourage to go to schools when they are hearing that in church.

“Those thugs outside if we divide them it is Kings and politicians that are sponsoring them and you expect our children to be going to school, those that go out to school how much are you giving them?”

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