My son started stammering after robbers struck his eye – Victim’s mother


Memunat Idris, the mother of Abulrazaq, who lost his eyes to armed robbery attack, has said that her son started stammering after the incident.

Wishing that the incident didn’t happen, she also said she knew he was a destiny child.

According to Memunat, during the robbery attack, she came out of her hiding place with her youngest son only to see that Abdulrazaq had a deep cut on his face.

The mother said, “We took him to the hospital here but they said can’t do anything as it was severe.

“We started going to the one in Kubwa. The doctor saw us and ran out, took him into the theater, and started stitching his Injuries.

She added, “He is a destiny child. I know because he wasn’t stammering, he was talking well.

“He fell sick and when he recovered, he started stammering. He became a stammerer.”

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