How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship


A Public Affairs Commentator, Dr. Aderonke Ayilara has said that it is possible to keep distance and still be in a good relationship.

She said that she has witness situation whereby there is a distance between husband and wife and they still come together after sometime.

Dr. Ayilara while talking out of her experience on Fresh FM Osogbo on Wednesday, she stated that, “There was a time when myself and my husband were not together for like five years, he stays in the North and I am in the south west he was shuttling between Yobe and Osun state, and we were like that for five years and that does not really prevent the love or stop the love or break our relationship.”

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She said to keep a long distance relationship, there must be constant communication, shuttling and money to cater for the home .

“I belief it is possible to keep distance and still be in good relationship for some time, we have seen situation that there will be a distance between husband and wife and they will still be together after sometime.

“Breaking communication: when there is constant communication between the husband and the wife and the wife is being assured that the man still loves her and they are communicating very well it prevent breakage.

“Shuttling: There was a time he was coming like once in a month later towards the end of the third year he started coming twice in a month but sometimes he will just come once in a month, in as much that we are communicating and he is coming once in a while, I think the relationship can still be Maintain.

“When you look at reasons why people keep distance the problems, the issues that makes them to keep long distance relationship is very important, look at Job, sometimes it is job that prevent husband and wife to stay together.

“Assuming the husband is in Lagos and the wife is in Ibadan and both of them needs that money to cope for the family so they just have to adjust until they are able to come together to live together.

“I belief that shuttling and communicating and when money is there to cater for the home can still make homes to be intact.”

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